The Seduction Of Chaos


KayMarie Fantasy

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(WARNING: This story has Mature Scenes, Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.)

She lite the fire ide of him. Something he never wanted to give into. Nila Quill was the gasoline that ignited his soul.

Laurent De'vall knew nothing but the cages of the Anchor Facility. Who made him kill hundreds of innocent victims for their experimental gain. One day Nila Quill is captured and put into his Zone with him, but little did he know, he wasn't the only monster there and unbeknownst to him Nila was there to free him.

Laurent soon finds himself joining a supernatural team called Chaos, who plan to destroy the Anchor Facility and take down Marie Deanna Rose who Chaos like to call (Bitchy Witchy).

A Succubus, Fae, Phoenix and a Hybrid. Sounds like the start of a bad joke right? But it wasn't in Laurent's case.
Soon he realizes that the only way to get the upper hand on the Anchor Facility is to embrace the part of himself he hates the most and Nila ignites that part of him. Whether he likes it or not.

Will Laurent fall too deep into his unexplored darkness or will he be able to balance the dark and light within him for the sake of not just the Chaos team, but for the world....

"Come my children...I will bring to you a stronger generation. One where only the supernatural rise."- Marie Deanna Rose or (Bitchy Witchy)


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Laurent De'Vall POV

I remembered this hall and these stair cases. She use to take me here when she needed me to do something, it was usually to kill see if I could even do it. Just the sound of her voice was like nails on a chalk board. 

"Now Laurent, I want you to behave. I have people who want to meet you." She ……