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The girl stopped talking and took in a deep breath, she pushed the human man away angrily and looked at me in shock, when our eyes met, I knew there and then she was my mate.

"Mate" she whispered with a smile.

Wow, so my mate was a type of she-wolf that slept with humans.

I took in her appearance not because I wanted to but because I couldn't help it.

She was tall but shorter than me and I stood at 6 ' 2, her figure was slim yet very curvy, her wide hips and large breast made me swallow hard, her waist was small and her long hair brown, she had a beauty spot near her wet kissable pink lips, her eyelashes were long and very black and her eyes, where dark beautiful green, she was sexy and very beautiful, I had no type I had thought, but now I did, the dress she wore was very short and exposed most of her skin, I swallowed a forming growl that was building up. Just the thought of her being here for another man was killing me.

She tucked her hair under her ear shyly, was she acting like some innocent girl when she absolutely wasn't.

"Hi" she whispered with a smile.

I had no time for such stupid games, I turned and walked away as I focused on finding Rita who was the most important lady in my life.


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