The Maid's Secret

alerayve Suspense/Thriller

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[Filipino/English] Rieda Fernandez, who is mostly known as Agent Ishtar, is one of the best agents serving under the Phoenix Organization. A secret agency led by an unknown billionaire who aims to give assistance to the government, to keep social security and peace, and to offer protection to anyone who needs to protect their lives.
She is the woman who played numerous roles during her missions and after a long time of waiting for another role, Rieda is stunned to know that being a maid will be the next. More specifically, the client asked her to be a clumsy maid while shielding the sole heir of the De Guzman Enterprises-Derek.
Will she be able to survive? What kind of client will she be encountering? Will this be just another mission of hers? Or will this be the time for her to reveal the identity behind the golden Veian mask?


Tags: murderrevengeforbiddenCEOgangsterdramabxg
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