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Aria and Hunter, they have never really got along...well not really but even at that they have a history that no one knows about cause if they did all hell would break loose especially since Hunter is Aria's brothers best friend...a rule that should never be should never go near your best friends siblings but it is called History for a reason right?

Five years has passed since they last seen each other but even after all this time they still clash the way they always have. What happens when they are stuck in the same apartment for six months? Can they stick to the rules? Find a way to get a long? Well of course not, what would the fun in that be? They both have other ideas.

Welcome to Games of seduction.


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Those special words

Aria’s P.O.V

It has been over a month since Hunter and I started seeing each other and it had been going good…actually better than good…it had been going amazing. And to my surprise he really is an incredible boyfriend, the best actually. He is very sweet, protective and romantic which come on this time a few months ago I would never have……