Office Affairs

White Whale Romance

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He is the CEO of this large company, rich and handsome, the rare one among millions of people,
He is like a shining star too far to get touched.
No one can imagine what he will look like when he falls in love with somebody.
And he thinks that he wouldn't love anybody because it seems there is no one deserving his love.
However, a common girl like her breaks into his world unexpectedly one day and then he can't help being immersed in the love and the sex world with her.
A secret love affair with them which surprised all people.


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When they went downstairs, they saw two men talking while drinking tea and having desserts. They seemed to be amused by some topic in the conversation.


When they went upstairs together, Jane asked Tom what he had told her dad that made him laughed. Tom shook his head and said that it was a secret between him and her……