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White Whale Romance

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He is the CEO of this large company, rich and handsome, the rare one among millions of people,
He is like a shining star too far to get touched.
No one can imagine what he will look like when he falls in love with somebody.
And he thinks that he wouldn't love anybody because it seems there is no one deserving his love.
However, a common girl like her breaks into his world unexpectedly one day and then he can't help being immersed in the love and the sex world with her.


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Chapter 54 A female 007

When it was time for lunch, Linda called up and suggested a gathering since she hadn't seen Jane for several days. She wanted to have lunch with her in some restaurant nearby. Hearing Linda's unique effeminate voice, Jane felt more cheerful. She got her bag and rushed out of the office building.


Since there was another c……