The Prince and His Maid

Lost in love Royal Romance

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Arion is the 27 year old Crown prince of a small, but rich fairytale land. He does not feel ready for marriage and settling down. The the law declare that he needs to be married and have a heir to ascent to the throne. With an uncle lurking in the darkness for his change to grab the kingdom for himself Arion's father is getting nervous. The King forces his rebellious son to chose a bride among the available princesses.

Arion's best friend Finn, who just happens to be a pirate captain, is send on the dangerous journey to retrieve Arion's chosen bride.

But what happens when Arion's eyes is finally caught by a woman, a New Young servant girl ? And how will the princess handle a month onboard a pirate ship ? Not to mention the handsome captain.


Tags: adventureforbiddenarranged marriageprinceprincessroyalty/nobledramacomedybxg
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