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I walk towards the bathroom door, wanting to knock and have a talk with her. Then I spot something on the floor, it's boxers, mens underwear. No this is to much, is she having men in her bedroom, men throwing their underwear on the floor. No I need to talk to her now.
I throw open the bathroom door, about to tell her what I think of her behaviour, when I am shocked to see that it isn't her in the shower. The shower stall being totally see through, leaves no doubt. It is a man, having his back to me. And not just a man, but a beast of a man. Tall and wide, with bulging muscles.
My eyes run over the wide and strong looking back, muscles clearly moving under the skin as he washes himself. It is like magic, I am unable to look away. And he is singing, like some devilish sirene, luring in women.
Moving down, I try to avert my eyes from the wellshaped ass and long strong legs. My puls racing with fear. What is he doing here ? What will he do to me if he sees me ?
He turns around, his eyes closed as his hands soaps up the wide muscular chest, it is covered in dark hair. So is his face, as he has a thick dark beard. The water running down his flat stomach with the visible muscles, disappearing down into a bush of dark curls.
And there it is, his manhood, tautingly pointing right towards me.  But this definately ain't no man. He is a beast, the beast. His thing long and thick, looking like it is made to punish women. And I scream running out of there, what is this What is my daughter doing ?


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