Blood Moon


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Luna struggles to protect a small town as an impending doom befalls upon them on the day that the Blood Moon rises. Dark creatures threaten to awaken at the fateful night, filled with hunger for human flesh. This is made worse when the village witch, Vaga, dies at the hands of a demon without successfully casting barrier spells on each home. All there's left to protect them is Luna and Legosi, the strong young man who was hailed as Vaga's successor.

Death and darkness looms over them as it does upon Luna's fickle heart. As evil arises, Luna fights with the strong desire to claim revenge. Life as it is hangs on the balance if Luna tips over the edge and loses her mind as well as her humanity. Only Legosi stands in between eternal destruction and peace. The question is, will he be enough?


Tags: darkpossessivedominantkickass heroinepowerfuldaemonwerewolvesmedievalsupernaturalYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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They stared as he descended, the unconscious girl swaying softly in his arms. The black markings spread over his pale skin, like ink on paper. His eyes were glowing, looking down on them like two moons. King Xanadu’s jaw locked, not one word escaped his lips. Beside him, Captain William trembled.

“Who is he?” Before the king could answer,……


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