A Dance With The Donna

Uproar Dobby Romance

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What happens when a Don and Donna clash? Utter chaos or maybe an unstoppable duo? The Vincentius Famiglia, most feared, most respected and wealthiest Famiglia in Las Vegas is run by a woman, Dianora Bellarosa Vincentius is the donna and she runs the house of cards. Poker-faced and non-nonsensical behaviour, Dianora has always managed to be one step ahead of the male species until Stephano Massimiliano crosses her path.

Don of the Massimiliano Famiglia, Stephano moves his empire all the way from New York to Las Vegas for one reason, vendetta. Stephano's plan was simple, enter Las Vegas, find the informant he's been looking for and leave, little did he know the informant would be a gold-skinned fiery-eyed donna with a dragons personality.

The Don and Donna's encounter causes trouble for many families, some more than others.


Tags: ActionMurderGangKidnapOpposites AttractKickass HeroineMafiaDramaTragedyBxG
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Chapter Five

"Ti lascio decidere"

Dianora's heart was beating out of her chest, Stephano's voice was calm yet intimidating, that very voice rung in her ears like thunder and Dianora was left completely frozen.
Unable to find a reasonable answer Dianora cut the call and rose from her seat.

"I must be crazy", she said to herself as she p……