That Time the World Was Almost Killed

SithLordess Sci-Fi

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What started as an ordinary day soon became anything but. Apparently there is life outside of earth-good news, right? Not so much. They want to come and destroy us. Bad news. Another race has offered their help but at a heavy price. What do we do?

***This is a standalone but also serves as a prequel to My Darling Husband, The Alien


Tags: AdventureDarkDoomsdayOuter SpaceGoodgirlGentleDramaTragedyBxGGxG
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Chapter 9

Lt Holmen

Everything had descended into chaos. It was ridiculous. Everyone was clambering. to have the final word. Shockingly,it seemed many were looking to Russia and not the seemingly undecided US. We need to take point on this but that window of opportunity was quickly. I stood to get closer to the president. H……