Their destiny

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Year 2020
Aaliyah Edwards is a well-known specialist doctor and the heiress of the Chain of Edwards Hospitals. Aaden Clifford is popular in the world around as the number one businessman. But only a few people know that he's the Mafia boss AD, whole world fears of and number one in the wanted list.They love each other from their first sight.

Year 202
Crown Prince of the Emperor- Alvin and soon to be Crown Princess of the Empress- Fiona hate eachother because of the misunderstandings between them. But the circumstances bring them to marry each other.

At a critical moment of their life, they face to time travel. Travel to the past by Aaliyah and Aaden swapping the bodies; Aaliyah to Fiona’s and Aaden to Alvin’s Fiona to Aaliyah’s bodies. Travel to the future by Alvin and Fiona by swapping the bodies; and Alvin to Aaden’s bodies. With their exchanged roles and responsibilities, they face many challenges in surviving and protecting their loved one. Dealing with the related persons was a big challenge they face while in acting their new roles. Will they able to swap their bodies again and come to their timeline or will they have to trap in a body which was never theirs and a timeline which they do not belong? THEIR DESTINY is their story


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Chapter 16


When a doctor comes out from the ICU I inquire about her situation. He seems to identify me and Fiona as Aaden and Aaliyah.

“Mr. Clifford, her situation is very critical. She has lost a lot of blood, and we immediately done a blood transfusion. But, with the pregnancy her situation is very critical……