Danse de la Mort Noir

Stella Purple Fantasy

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“You peel off the skin and see the ugly underneath.”
─Annalyss Saw

St. Luthias Design School and St. Lathios Music School are parts of the largest art school in Almatania. Managed by the same LunaCentral Foundation, both schools are purposely built adjacently according to the twin towers design: The Twin Garden. As the name implies, the two buildings have the exact same shape and structure. Both sections of this school cover an area of ​​one-tenth part of the country, where spring feels like it never stops.

(Book #2 of Deadly Melodies)
(Danse de la Mort Noir / Dance of a Black Death)


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It is not easy to leave the things you have revolved your existence around for. Then again, it never has. And just like Heaven, Earth is ripped away from this time. But at least this once is done for the greater good. Demons are not meant to be above ground, after all. I am also taking the twins along with me, whether they like it or not.