Abused queen (dark romance)


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Book one of the choosing series

Warning this story is mature and might have triggers!! Beware

Michaela was only eighteen years when she attended the choosing, where the Prince's chose a wife and they got married before midnight, she didn't know she was going to be the chosen, but when she did her life turned up side down


Michaela was eighteen years old when she attended the choosing, a ceremony where the Prince chooses a wife and they get married before midnight. She didn't know that she'd be the chosen or that it would turn her life upside down.

"Thank goodness you're here too! I can tell you both the good news!" The woman grinned and clapped her hands together. "The queen is pregnant!" she announced with flourish.

I squealed but the sound came to a halt as I saw Samuel's eyes. They sparked like fire and they were bloodshot. These were not happy eye, I knew these eyes. I shivered as the happiness died inside of me. I was right to worry because his next words tore my soul apart.

Abort the bastard!"


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