twisted love

Breanna Norwood Vampire/Werewolf

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Let me start from the beginning, my name is Luna and I’m a senior in high school. I have long black hair with natural purple highlights in it. Strange I know but it’s also kinda cool. I have hazel eyes with a purple tint to them as well. I’m not short but I’m not exactly tall either. Compared to most girls my age I’m considered average at just 5 foot. Oh yea I almost forgot one important detail. I’m a werewolf, the daughter of the alpha of the North Woods Pack.

What will happen when Luna finds out she has not one but two mates which one will she choose.


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Chapter 1


"Do I really have to go to the meeting?" I asked my mom. My mom is the Luna of the North Woods Pack. She's beautiful, smart, and strong. She's only 5 foot 4 with short blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Yes, honey. Because me and your dad are hoping you'll be taking over the pack soon." My mom said.

You see once ……