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April Lancaster fell in love with Zuri Jenner ever since they become roommates as they modelled during the Paris Fashion Week.

She tried confessing her love but Zuri left her for her boyfriend Mark. April has never felt love, each time she confesses love for a girl, they all left her to be with their Boyfriends. The same thing happened with her ex Hannah

Maybe time stopped when April's lips met Zuri's, but the flutter only intensified. April's heart pounded in her chest as her knees got weaker. She could only focus on how soft she felt agat her mouth, how addictively she invaded all her senses. Just like what she had thought.

"What do you think you are doing?"Zuri asked me breaking the kiss.

"I love you,"I scoffed but she picked her coat and walked away leaving me regretting the fact that I kissed her.

Maybe I did kissed her too soon...


April gives up on love but on the other hand, Zuri starts to know of her sexuality and even when she tries to deny it, she finds herself in love with April.

Will she leave Mark for her? Will April decide to give love another chance? What will happen when they are together? Will they be happy or more tussles will be thrown their way?

Will their love for each other win? Read to find out....



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