By moonlight's shadow

Shreya Chakraborty Vampire/Werewolf

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She is an enigma...who has never existed but all the tales speak about her coming.
She is branded a monster, shunned by all, except the chosen ones...

She has a destiny..
But when she comes to know her past and future, will she be able to fulfill it knowing that she was the root of it all??

Will love be able to save her from her impending doom?


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Chapter 59

“Rebecca wants to show me something. And I cannot help it at all, but shackle my hands and feet and gag me so that I cannot do anything to my own body, that is the first place she will try and attack. I am not going to be able to find the strength to repel her the next time. She is close and she is strong. And read the page that is still open in……