Bonza101 Romance

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The daughter of a retired UFC champion with the same passion of wanting to become a fighter and champion. But apart from her successful career, her life is falling apart and it forces her to go back home to L.A and face her parents. Defeated, lost, and close to giving up, Maxine faces her past with a ist of love, romance, tears, and confusion. A world she turned her back on, unravels right in front of her, and the love she had for her best friend since kindergarten gets tested.


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Chapter 25

Jason didn’t let me drive home until he was sure that I was able to. Just like ten years ago, I feel lost. I learned that my ex-husband lied to me from the very first moment we met. The world made me feel like I am cornered in a box by microphones and expectations of the world. How can I date someone when I didn’t even know what I wanted? I can ……