Gia Hunter Romance

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For just one night, she broke the rules, shared a passion with a hot stranger, and hid her darkest secrets. Then she woke up alone and the stranger was gone.

Seven years later she met the stranger again, even hotter than the last time she remembered. The passion re-ignited, scorching than before. But there was a slight problem--she had secrets, she was off limits--a forbidden fruit to him. And one thing she learned from her past was not to play with fire and never break any rules, but the more she pulled herself away, the more he pushed himself closer. And here she was again, ready to break another rule.


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Where It All Started


I GROANED upon stretching my limbs. The first thing that came to my senses was the smell. It wasn't the smell of Skip's car. It smelled fresh laundry. And I was lying flat and able to stretch my limbs. The soft humming came next—it was the air conditioning. I spread my arms, the softness of the of ……