Devil Square

Rooms Fantasy

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Dahlia Brooks, young, beautiful and smart high school girl who is interested in ancient history. She fancies dark forest and the beast living in the devil square.
What if one day she crossed paths with the devil himself and became his slave forever. Will the devil be mercifully fall in love with her or act like he is the most dangerous creature ever?

"What's your name,little girl?" He asked to me with a hint of scariness in his voice.
"Dahlia.." I replied looking directly in his blood red eyes.
"Dahlia.. come closer.." his voice softened to the texture of rubber.
I was completely paralyzed, lost in that wild gaze.
"You must not roam in the forest at night. What if the devil finds you?" He asked as his eyes moves to my lips.
"The devil is right infront of me. If he wanted to hurt me, he would have been till now." I replied confidently, then felt the color of his eyes changed somehow and they were blazed by now.
"You do realise you are now in devil square, don't you?" He moved further close to me, and each step he took made my heart skip a beat.


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