Angela Devon Fantasy

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Everyone must act according to King's law, and if anyone dares to threatens his law, DEATH is the punishment. Devon is the Kingdom, where 3 Blocks exist. A person can only be a Magus, an Aucourant, or abat. What happens if you have all of these three?

Isabella Scotts, a girl from the Block of Magus. Who grow up helping and healing people without expecting anything in return. Finds herself in a chaos situation. Her Propensity Results says that she's a Convergence. which means, her life is in danger. The moment the King knows about her existence, it's over for her, and for the lives of her family.

Prince Darren, the son and Heir of King Cleo. He was raised to kill the people who dares to threatens his father's law, and destroy every last bit of Convergence, until he met Isabella.

Is he willing to fight agat his own father just to save her life?


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