Immortal Curse

Eden Fae Vampire/Werewolf

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I remember my journey with death as my intimate companion. I remember as I watched my last sunset as the first. I remember as I took my very last breath. My journey with death and it's darkness that consumed my soul, and then I remember when I first laid eyes on him...

River Fyers...

My soul, my beloved. I wonder what the fates have in store for us...


Tags: ParanormalVampireDarkReligionKidnapOpposites AttractFriends to LoversKickass HeroineModelBxG
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Chapter twenty six

Heat gently caressed my skin as the wind combed her fingers through my hair giving me a slight shiver. I felt the sheets get pulled up to cover my bare body. My subconscious purred with the attention or lack of.

My eye lids fluttered open like doors to Elysium.

To my delight, River sat there... just a……