Fallon and Flint: The Stripper and the Schoolteacher

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In the small, crime-riddled, d**g-infested town of Dodger, there are o names everyone knows: Fallon Mercury, the heartbreakingly beautiful exotic dancer with a tragic past, and Damon West, her dangerous, abusive, d**g-dealing boyfriend. When Fallon meets Flint, the hopeless romantic of a high school lit teacher who sees the good in people rather than the darkness, she sees a light at the end of the tunnel that she hasn’t been able to see for years. But is it only false hope, or is it the real thing?

Alternates beeen the POV's Fallon and Flint, and occasionally enters the POV's of other characters including Damon.


Every contour of her tanned, toned body begs to be stared at; every inch of her soft skin pleads to be touched; every wave of her dark, glossy hair screams to be tugged at. Her blood-red b*a and panties, lined with silver beads, taunt with the tease of the perfection beneath them. Every step she takes in her bright, silver heels flexes the sharpened muscles of her long legs. Watching her cling to the pole with nothing but her tight, toned thighs as her body sp around it in a flash of red and black forces me to imagine her clinging to me the same way as I make hard, fast, passionate love to her—

I shake my head, trying to push these rabid thoughts away. I’m not this man. I’m not the man who imagines plowing the strippers on the dance floor—especially not ones whose selfish actions have upset my students.


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