The Beta's Witch

Adriane Knight Fantasy

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Adriana is a simple woman trying to make it in the corporate world. A bit hard to do while trying to convince these suits to keep their hands off her assets and a closer eye on their own.
Her predictable like if turned upside down when she meets Aiden Matthews, a wolf and Beta of the Midnight pack. The mysterious stranger makes her want to abandon all caution and rush into his arms. But Adriana quickly finds herself competing with the woman who claims Aiden is hers.
Nothing is as it seems, when a mysterious attack on Adriana leads her to discover secrets about her past that she was f****d to forget.
Aiden and his pack must battle a new force of supernaturals they've never encountered in order to keep her safe.
But her forgotten past may be more interined with Aiden's than he realizes. Now Adriana needs to uncover the truth about how she really is in time to save them all from a rising terror that threatens to destroy them all. Or die trying.


Tags: love-trianglematekickass heroinepowerfulwitch/wizardbetadramawitchcraftrecklessstubborn
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