Your beloved Fan

N.Rahes Romance

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'Did you kidnap me?' Sher asked another question and she nodded her head in yes proudly while smiling

'What the hell? Why you kidnap me?' Sher screamed angrily and she with a blank face stared back at him then slowly walked towards him then bend down and put her hands over the sides of chair and came to his eye level as they both were looking at each other.

'BECAUSE WE ARE GETTING MARRIED.' Nora said while putting pressure on each word and he shocked stared at her.

Sher Musa is a famous Radio show Host. He is happy with his life with fame, money and Fans But then he have one crazy Fan, Nora Bismillah. Her life surrounded around him. She is immature 19 year old girl compare to him who was radio owner at the age of 28. She used to call him every night, leave chocolates on his door step and send flowers on his birthdays. With the time he start getting annoyed with her but he turned into her obsession, her love.






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Chapter Six

Nora was sitting on the study table in the university's library while book was opened in front of her while she was day dreaming. Sher had not call or send police or anything else since that incident she found he is her mother's student. It had been three days since that day but still nothing. She tried to call him but his phone was not working.……