Secret of the Two Kings

John Paul Thunders Historical Romance

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This story marked the beginning of a forgotten era that has never been told in Korean History.

Sae Joo and Sae Yoo are fictional in princes of the Silla Kingdom, one of Ancient Korea's Legendary Three Kingdoms. They were separated at birth when their Father King mistakenly predicted the solar eclipse, which happens every thirty-three years. According to an ancient prophecy, royal must not be born on the day of the eclipse because one would bring the kingdom to its highest glory, while the other one would bring it to its downfall. The o must be separated eternally, or the kingdom would face the wrath of the Heavens.

Sae Joo grew up as the Crown Prince while Sae Yoo grew up as a son of a blacksmith.

What would happen if Sae Joo and Sae Yoo crossed paths? Will the prophecy be fulfilled or will it be possible for o kings to rule the Kingdom of Silla to bring it to its highest glory?


Tags: sadisticprinceroyalty/nobledramatwistedbxb
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