AriaS Vampire/Werewolf

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Eyes as dark as the night sky without stars, will as strong as that of a thousand men, Heart as cold as ice and rage as powerful as the flames of hell, He is Vyxen Valkov the ultimate Alpha in the chaotic world of Wolves.

"It isn't fair that I am not allowed to have you because of him" He whispered, leaning impossibly closer until his warm lips touched her ear lobe, she breathed in harshly feeling her body burn with anticipation.
She felt him move and almost moaned in content when his warm breath fanned her neck "Maybe I should make you mine" he growled lowly, pressing his lips to her flesh.


Tags: WerewolfAlphaDarkReincarnationPackKarma/DestinyBody ExchangeOpposites AttractDramaTwisted
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         Arisa sat crossed legged on the forest floor, twirling a broken limb between her fingers, she didn't know why she was there . . . just that it felt right. The full moon hovered above her, sprinkling her small clearing with a light magical blue glow.

A gust of wind blew her twists from her face and with it, the smell of o……