My Secret Mate


Maria LGBT+

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Xavier Ramon was just another werewolf in the Blood Moon pack. He wasn’t an alpha, beta, delta, an abused omega, or even a runt. He was just a regular werewolf, going about his business and waiting for his birthday to come so he can reject his mate, and control his own life like a regular person.

His birthday was finally here, and he found his mate. The only problem?

His mate was a human, at his high school. How was he supposed to reject a human?

Seth Truman was a regular guy, with a regular girlfriend, and a semi-regular family. However, a guy who he never really talked to before suddenly has his undivided attention. Why?

How will it all work out?

Content warning: this story contains mature and sexual content.


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Chapter Fifteen

I pulled up to the Pack House, jumping out of my car with Trent in tow. I noticed there were a lot of cars parked here too, and I glanced around to search for Zoe or Zack’s car. 

I looked back at Trent, “Who found the body?”

Trent shrugged, “Just a regular wolf. Carried them back……