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Stary Writing Academy III - Girl Power: Rebirth of the Heroine

Social worker Genevieve is reborn into the fantastical world of the video game Veritas, but instead of being put into the role of a heroine, a villain, or even a tertiary character that still might play a role in the grand scheme of things, she's instead been reborn as the most despised types of NPC - an escort quest NPC.

Sorely disappointed with her dreary life as a yak farmer in the Frost Peak mountains, Genevieve jumps at the the chance to join the first party of adventurers that actually takes the time to walk her and her yak, Fluffyhooves, to market. If only she'd realized sooner that the four handsome members of her adventuring party had more in mind for her than just questing and dungeoneering.

With a whole quartet of talented adventures at her beck and call, will Genevieve finally achieve her dreams of completion - quest oriented or otherwise - and score one for humble escort quest NPCs everywhere? Read on and find out!


Tags: polyamorykickass heroinebxghumorousgame playermagical worldrebirth/rebornLitRPGweak to strongpolygamyStary Writing Academy III
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Chapter Two: Culinary Muse

With her escorts in tow, the remainder of her journey to the defense tower was uneventful.

If Genevieve had to guess, she would assume it’s because her new traveling companions were so high level for this quest that monsters just weren’t aggroing on them. This was further backed up, in her mind, by the fact that several members of the grou……


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