Faded Love [Mature Content]


Mia Joslyn Romance

218 reads

In a small town called Exeter, Juliette Stryker lost her parents at a young age. Vulnerable and lonely, she met the handsome Kallum Jones.
Kallum Jones, handsome and charming as he is, made her heart slow down and quicken with every touch. He craved nothing more than to see her smile, and wreath with pleasure under his blissful torment.
They were happy and in love, but it wasn’t enough to save their relationship from lies, betrayal and deceit.
When opportunities are offered and secrets are revealed, Juliette found animosity for the man she once loved more than life itself. But he didn’t give up. He vowed to win her over, one way or another.


Tags: love-trianglesecond chanceindependentconfidentdramabxgbrilliantfemale leadoffice/work placesecretsYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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