Billionairs Heart

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Elise Rose a student at one of the finest colleges, East Wood College. Living with her best friend of 8 years, Sophia Diamond. They always shared secrets, no matter how dark they were.

Kai Knox, most famous billionaire in the world arranges a meet and greet with fans in New York City. When Elise and Sophia decided to go to one of Kai's meet and greets, what happens when Kai has the need to get closer to Elise?

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Chapter : Sixteen

Elise's POV 

"Is it true or not?" I repeated myself again, I didn't want him to lie to me or try and ignore my question.. but did I really want to find out if he was the devil or not? Would I be able to deal being with him if I knew what he really was. 

"No, where on earth did you get that idea?" He laughed, l……