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“Please let's not do this Rob. I thought I made it clear that we can’t let people know about us” Ayanna hissed at Robert who scoffed leaning pulling her closer to himself.

“And I said I still want to meet you! I don’t care about anything else; I just want you and your body!’ He said biting her earlobes. She tried to resist him but couldn’t help letting out a soft moan.
She couldn’t control herself whenever he was near despite knowing it is wrong for her to be doing this.
They were enemies to the world but lovers in secret.
They met through unusual circumstances.
She was only looking for a way to ease her stress and he was trying to forget about the pain he feels.

I want to thank you my readers for all your support. Sometimes I don’t have the strength to write but you always push me to write with your encouraging words and also wonderful comments.
For me, getting feedback from you is very important and I am grateful for it as it helps me improve my writing.


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Ayanna’s Point of View

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From a noticeably young age, I have lived a life of making sure that I please my parents or the board members but ever since I met Robert I changed. I always want to do something that pleases my heart even if I know some things might be selfish, but I do not care.

I stood in my office for th……