My Boss Is Hot


Rose farren Romance

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No, it was a mistake That shouldn't have happened He was talking with his hand on her shoulder. Harrison stood there, tension radiating from his body in
obvious waves, his expression grim and full of frustration. The
unmistakable bulge of his erection flared the front of his
trousers, and she wished for a moment of weakness. To go
back to him and beg him to make love to her, at least once.
But that would ruin everything. Bad enough they’d engaged
in this…illicit activity.
God, she was so, so stupid.
She wanted to prove her love.
She could withstand this attraction she
had toward her boss.
There was no other choice. She had to.


Tags: sexbxbkicking
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episode 15

Snatching one up, Harrison moved closer to her. “I’m not

done with you yet,” he murmured, running his fingers down

the inside of her thigh, making her flinch. “Don’t pass out on

me now.”

She smiled, dropped her arm away from her face, her gaze

meeting his. “Sorry. Just needed to catch my breath first.”

“I plan……


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