The God's Mated Them

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In ancient times, there was a prophecy. It told of the blessing of Aphrodite. Seeing the lack of passion in mortals, their bland way of seeing love and sex, she decided to enact a change. Throwing herself into a passionate, magical coupling with the God Lust and sexual activity, Eros.

In result of their coupling four children were sired of different mortal couples with the blessing of gods to be meant for each other.

Two males and two females, all who would need each other to feel whole,
and ascend to their highest pleasure.

Warning: Book will contain MxFxMxF, MxM, FxF, cursing, and sexual content. Please do not read if you are not into these things.


Tags: PolyamoryTeacherxStudentKarma/DestinyHighschoolTeacherStudentDramaComedySweetDreameSeed2019
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Well let's see. 

Maeve was a young insecure girl growing up awkwardly like young girls do in the perfect glow up of her teen older sister. Her mother and sister berated her and killed her spirit with ever negative comment they could throw out. 

Her father added more pressure, with her grades and running track.