Godly Sins

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Ambrosia's life is anything but normal. She was a Gotan. The only one of her kind. Her parents are 2 powerful Gods and a Goddess. Everyone looks down on her, including her To be closer, to be within reach, for she could never resist the intense touch or stare of Lucian Mourningside. The only thing standing in her way is her fathers hatred for her Uncle. But if you ask anyone else his hatred for Hades is something more than that. So she must fight and misuse her magic for her freedom, but does magic really come with a price? or will it give her all the answers she has been searching for.


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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Why is my brother so stupid, why did he call war, there is no threat!! What the hell did Gaia tell him!? Where the hell is my dad? My mom is missing and now my dad is missing, this can’t fucking be. I swear to the gods I will make Ares pay for this. “Why did you do this, Ares!” I screamed. “Sister, please, calm down, let me expl……