Apocalypse: The Ice King Returned

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Blood rained from a red moon. It was coming. Doomsday was coming.

The dark and cruel world followed, where mercy could do no good but speed up self-destruction.

Thus Luther was thrown out of the colony and killed by zombies ruthlessly.

However, he was reborn just before the doomsday!

But even so, how could he stop what was coming next?

Could he change his destiny and win the war agat zombies?

Luther wondered himself and found his last hope.

As the light of doomsday came, the light of salvation came down with it.

And this was his only way to gain new power by absorbing the salvation light!

Luckily, he obtained the power of ice!

This time Luther was strong and determined to survive and fight back.

He clenched his teeth and his fists. God gave him the opportunity; he would not allow it to slip away!

He would return, as a king!

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