Fated to the Alphas

Rosamund Paranormal

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Charlie always saw herself as wallflower, with her chubby cheeks and shy nature. Her world turns upside down as she is introduced to super naturals and mates. The Alphas she finds out she is mated to are not only handsome devils but sinister men too. Will she survive her Alphas or will their mean streak tear her apart.

Kieran and Kade, Alphas of the Dauntless pack, are nothing short of the usual.... Dominating, Territorial, Devilish looking. Having grown up rough, they were never shown love, nor do the know how to express it to their sweet little mate, Charlie.

As hard as they try, their relationship proves to be one uphill road covered in thorns. In the end, will the Alphas rough around the edges personas, bring them together or forever keep them apart.


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