Billionaires's innocent wife


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Michael Patterson, embodiment of a playboy
Jennifer Miller, epitome of innocence

He is a womanizer
She is one-man woman
He is manipulative
She is naive
He is a socialite
She is a loner
It was love for her
It was an act for him

Poles apart right? But what will happen when destiny will bring them together? What will happen when Michael will be forced to abandon his bachelorhood and get married to Jennifer for his ancestral property? What will happen when he will use her innocence for his own benefits? What will happen when his own Karma will hit him in the most unexpected way? Will he ever realize the worth of Jennifer's love? Will she ever be able to recognize his true shades?

Let's join Hot shot billionaire Michael and innocent Jennifer in their journey, a journey of love, heart-break, drama and redemption.


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Chapter 9


My eyes opened on their own accord and I groaned - the sky was still dark outside. My alarm couldn't have gone off. Then why did I wake up?

And most of all, why does my heart feel heavy? And then the events of last night dawned upon me - the last night's insult and pain was still f……