Her Arrogant King, His Stubborn Queen (Italian Mafia book1)

Raven Romance

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"You’re mine Aurora stop fighting your feelings and give in letting me love you, let me be the man you deserve”
From the moment they meet they have a sexual chemistry, but that very quickly turns into hurt and pain. He lost any chance he could have had with her with his words and actions. When he realised what his true feelings where it was too late, she had already left breaking his heart.
She returned months later only because her brother had been murdered.
Can they both get over the pain they caused each other and admit their true feelings or is the damage already done?

This Mafia romance will show heartbreak, revenge, war and o very strong people fighting their feelings for each other. Will love conquer all? Or will they both just walk away? War is not just beeen Mafia’s it is also within the heart.


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