Her billionaire assistant

Esther V Romance

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Sophia Green, wheelchair-bound star of the science world finds her life changed forever when she is caught in a suspicious fire in her lab. She survives and when she comes to, she finds she is now in the body of Sophia Green, a teenage high school bully.

Albert Pearson, the first heir of the richest family around the country who hid his true identity becoming an assistant of Sophia Green has gone crazy after hearing the news of Sophia's death.
He went back to his family and took advantage of his status to keep searching the truth of that fire.
And one day he met a teenage girl whose name was Sophia Green...
How would the story go?


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The next morning, Albert received a call from Grey, who sounded quite sad, “Albert, my dad fell ill last night. He’s critically ill. Please send my wife home as soon as possible so that my father can see Victor before he…? Victor is the one he misses most. Please tell her to hurry. The doctor says he may leave at any time……