Female Alpha and Her Two Alpha Mates

Deborah C Vampire/Werewolf

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Greenlee turns 18 to find out that the Moon Goddess designed two Alphas to be her Mates. On her birthday becomes Alpha of Golden Moon.
Her mates are Alpha Tristan Braeden of Silver Crescent and Alpha Chandler Cosgove of the Raging River.
Both of her Mates are handsome, Greenlee fears that one or both might reject her. Because they would have to share her or when they find out she's Future Queen Of the Vampire Di'Mera Coven. Greenlee is a Vampire Lycan Hybrid Lucy, a Seer said that either one of them rejects her that voids all three bonds.
Greenlee has several gifts and a martial arts expert.
Chandler and Greenlee have a common enemy, a rogue named Elliott. He wants Chandler and her father died. Greenlee will do whatever it takes to save her Mate and father.
Elliott has a Mate, but when he sees Greenlee he wants to mate with her. Derek also has plans to mate with Greenlee. He will stop at nothing to get him. Even if he has to kidnap Greenlee and her Mates adopted son to hold there.
Debby and Stacy has the same idea they want Tristan and Chandler for themselves. They are planning on killing Greenlee, mating with her Mates.


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