He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On


Jaycelle Rodriguez Romance

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Gabriel Wilsons, the well known 'devil' in the whole business industry of Chicago. He has everything that you wish for your dream man to have. Power, money, perfection, handsomeness and a body like a Greek God. But he's inlove. He's still inlove with the woman from his past.
The same woman he has given everything he had before, but eventually betrayed him, left him and shattered his heart into pieces. And because of that, he turned into a cold, heartless, rude and an arrogant billionaire who will do everything to seek revenge and to show her that she's no longer important into his life. Even though the truth is the opposite of what he is doing.
That's when he met me. I applied as his Personal Assistant to fulfill my bucket list of dreams. To explore my life and experience everything. Then he offered me a deal. He asked me to marry him just to show his ex that he already moved on.
"She's pregnant."
He blurted out and I almost fall from where I stand. I just gripped the backrest of the couch to support my weight. The pain creeping inside my heart is unbearable but I managed to stay calm.
I said faking my excitement. Well, I cant call it as cheating because she's the real reason why we're pretending as a couple.
And that's when I made the biggest decision in my life. Taking the biggest secret in me, that I've already fallen inlove with him---- I left him.
Then eventually I learned a lesson.
"Loving someone who doesn't love you back, isn't as hard as loving someone who can't see your worth, and only uses you as his bridge to get someone he loves back into his life."


Tags: billionairerevengepossessivecontract marriagearrogantCEObossdramacomedy
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Gabriel's POV:

I woke up late this morning because of the 'extreme activity' that me and my wife did last night, which made my body drained and exhausted. 

She surprised me again by wearing a red laced lingerie, that made me drown into the pool of lust and desire, like the first time I saw her wearing it in……


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