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I am Sky Lilly Coleson, I have a decent sized family of 2 sisters and 2 brothers, today I am 17 and until today I didn't have a clue what my mother meant all those times she looked at us and said we were special. I always just figured yeah you have to say that because were your kids how wrong I was .

I'm Libby Ann Hawkins I'm15 years old, I was found in the woods as a baby by my parents and brought into a pack that hates me because I'm a half breed


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Second Alpha Trials

I called Britney William Alexandria and Alexander to the packhouse the next day I had invited four very powerful Alphas to come out the next day I was going to have these four convince these Alphas who were known for their stubborn strong-willed tempers and who never aligned themselves with any other packs to align themselves with us, I explaine……