Lost Stars

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He p me on the wall and cages my small body with his huge one.

" You are mine Aurora , mine to love , mine to hurt and mine to kill. " he whispers huskily.

" Then kill me , its better than being your mate." I yell.

" Say whatever you want my little mate but I'm the only one who is written in your stars." He laughs.

" You'll stay with me , weather you like it or not. You'll give me your love , either willingly or forcefully. " He whispers planting soft kisses near my collarbone.

" Never." I scream glaring at him but he only chuckles.

" You don't get to decide that baby." he mutters digging his canines in my neck before I could process what was happening.

Being the only human in the world of werewolves is difficult but being a mate of the badass cruel alpha is something which Aurora never imagined of.

Join their journey of friendship , hardships , hatred and love.

Some people ARE meant to be in LOVE but NOT meant to be TOGETHER !!


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