The Sword User that bends the game system


Brenn Joezel Game

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The story centers on Kaede Kishimoto. who is invited by her friend Yuki Honjou to play the VRMMO game fantasy world Online with her.
Innocent and a little dumb. Kaede pours all her points on strength. It’s something a normal player would never do in the game. Because of that, a bug in the game was accidentally discovered by her leading her to bend the game system.
What will the game developers do? Nerf her? Remove her skill? Something that developers can't just do.


Tags: adventuresystemwarriorcomedykickingambitiousfemale leadgame playermagical worldMMORPGStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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12th of December 2054 in the real world.

Holding her sword tightly. Chasing her breath. Kaede and her whole party are exhausted already. Looking at the top left of her vision she’s seeing her HP bar decreasing to the red zone.

Turning her glance in front of her was a huge monster. Body of a giant human, head of a Taurus, and tai……