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I am just an ordinary human, and he is a King.
I'm tainted and his pure.
So why would he like an ordinary woman who's isn't pure?

Why are you doing this to me? Ria shouted in frustration.
She's a cage in his warm, comforting arm.
She's trying to resist him, but he just won't let her go.
Do you think after competing for the bond you can escape from me my Adelphi psych; Khrys buried his face on her hair, that addictive scent of rose is driving him out of control.

Stop calling me by that name! I command you to. Ria can't continue what's she's about to say when she felt him bite her ears. Those tiny dots of electricity and the swarm of butterflies around her stomach doesn't help at all!
When Khrys start to lick it, she can't help but provide him more access to her body.
Satisfied from her reaction he nipped her neck, living his mark on it, and cupped her face to capture her moist lips.

That's was Ria's last resolved.

She kissed him back passionately, and they both end up naked, savoring the warm feeling igniting to their body.


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Chapter-16 part-2

Khrys felt satisfied by his adelfi psychí reaction. After this, he promised never to let her go.
He tastes her juice dripping out of her core. He can't help but thrust his tongue inside, exploring her inner womb.
He heard her moaned in delight while her hand start to fist on the fabric underneath her like she's looking for somethin……