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Naughty Girls Need It Too: Lacy's Hot Sexy Stories

Lacy Wren Steamy Stories

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Ready to get hot and bothered? Lacy's sizzling explicit tales will get you excited in all the right places.

A naughty taste of what Lacy has in store for you in several erotic stories:

Best friends exploring new feelings. A tough cop on a deserted road and a sex-starved driver. The older guy across the street and a slutty cheerleader. An experienced vampire and an innocent college girl. A hairy security guard and a naughty shoplifter. The sultry secretary and a horny Wall Street businessman...

Stories Included:

Doing Her Hot Older Neighbor - Which will get "manhandled" more by the hunky new neighbor, the moving boxes or Brittany?

Frisked (& More) by the Cop - Will Lori let the hot cop have his way with her in exchange for getting out of a speeding ticket?

Friends To Lovers - When his best friend Jill asks Chad to rub tanning oil on her back, will passions explode?

Naughty Nightclub Hookup - Horny slut Kady scopes out a nightclub to find the blue collar stud of her dirty dreams.

Spanked by the Security Guard - When cheerleader Patrice gets caught shoplifting, the brutish security guard puts the college coed over his hairy knee.

Submitting To Her Boss – Has Jasmine been harboring a secret desire to submit to her alpha male boss's kinky advances?

Vampire Next Door - When college student Kendra spies on her hot, older neighbor, the vampire takes more from the innocent young woman than her blood!

Double Spanked By Santa – A hairy mall Santa gives two best friends an over the knee spanking on their pretty bottoms.

Editor's Note: Lacy's stories are based on stories by Rod Mandelli. Your gate swing both ways? Think sometimes two heads are better than one? Check out Rod's stories on Dreame.


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