Crazy Love

mano Romance

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It is a story of a man named Jack Walton who is a arrogant, rude and cold hearted. His parents died in a car accident but he hate his parents. He have a dark deep hole in his life. Everyone scared of him including his family even his own grandpa. He always get whatever he wishes for. He was rude to everyone except one girl. The girl name is Anna. She is beautiful, cheerful and lovely girl. She hates violence. She is very kind of everyone. There is 8 years gap beeen Jack and Anna. What will happen when Jack forcefully marry her and make her his. Anna first feared him but with the passage of did she able to rule him or not.
I hope you would like my new novel.


Tags: comedytwistedsweetlightheartedmysteryFantasy Romance Ⅱ Writing Contest
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