Pandora - Safeplace for Gifted

Nightowl Sci-Fi

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A 17 year old girl is enrolled in a life-changing process when stepping into a totally new world full of magic, supernatural creatures and dangers.
With the mentoring of her older sister, Costia, the newly introduced teen is thrown into an adventure nobody could ever predict.

New friends, knowledge and so much more awaits, but will she survive the first year, let alone all 5 in the mysterious locations of Pandora?


Tags: AdventureParanormalVampireWerewolfManipulativePowerfulDramaBxGBxBGxG
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Chapter 1 - Kiowa "Speedy"

Standing in front of the polished mirror Kiowa swore under her breath as her older sister properly sorted her disordered hair out. Typically her hair was merely golden brown, but after today’s brutal fight there were distinct strands of crimson blood mixed into her hair. Aside from a cut in the back of her head she only had a few bruises that wo……