Masked Beauty


Princess Triah C. Palomares Romance

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"Mother Isabela, What if they will find out that it is not me." Aera said in a worried voice.
"I already told you, right? That I will take care about the rest of the plan." She answered before finally pushing Aera away to ride in the bus that is waiting for Aera.

She was ask to be someone's replacement. She was ask to pretend. She was paid, to be exact.
She was terrified but she needs to risk herself for the sake of her family.
She is not her and she doesn't belong in a paradise but she need to pretend and be the woman that they all wanted to see.
But in the middle of being a pretender while hiding using her facade, what if she will fall in love? What if she want to end the show because she is scared from hurting the man that made her feel that she is worthy.
She is scared even more knowing that he will ask her to stay away because she lied. She can't take it so it is better to runaway.... runaway and left all the blunders she did.
Aera Amelia is no longer brave to face the stage and now she is choosing to runaway. Is she going to unmasked herself and show the real beauty behind her?


Tags: tragedysweetenemies to lovers
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Chapter 44

My breathing is so fast as I watched Mr. Rodolfo untied me from the ropes.

I also forced him to tell me his name while he is untying me.

"Shhh, we already need to hurry. For sure Isabela is also coming now. I heard that she is just checking something and will going to come back already." Mr. Rodolfo said.



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