The Sultan's son


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Oh, why did she meet him? She had such a peaceful life before. But no. She had to run into this arrogant, hateful, mental individual who had promised to ruin her life. And it didn't help that he was beautiful.

Regina is a sweet 19 years old girl who lives in a sea village full of tourists and works during the evening at a local restaurant.
Every day she enjoys swimming in the wonderful sea, visited often by huge yachts and boats. One day she watches a little boy fall over a yacht and saves him from drowning, but when she gets the boy on board, his older brother doesn't take it very well...

What will happen to Regina when she meets the sultan's son that despises her, believing that she is a gold-digger and gives her a hard time?


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69. Disappointment

“Wait a minute,” he said, “Frédéric, can you lift the separator? Thank you."

"Sure, Prince."

He pushed a button and an insulating screen rose between the front and rear seats, much to Regina's surprise.

"No less! I didn't expect the car to have this option!"

He laughed: "Since you……